Sailing Instructions and Rules

All Races conducted by the HYC will be governed by the 2013-2016 Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) of the International Sailing Federation, the Prescriptions and Special Regulations, Section 2, Category 5, of Yachting Australia, and these Sailing Instructions.

Note: In Lieu of Code Flag S, the Club will display an Orange Board with a Black letter S


Note: In Lieu of prep flag “P”, lights will be illuminated at the top of the HYC Clubhouse in the following sequence.

5 Minute Warning Signal             3 lights Illuminated
4 Minute  Prep Signal                   2 lights Illuminated
1 Minute  Prep Removal Signal   1 light Illuminated
Start Signal                                     ALL lights extinguished


  • If a yacht/s crosses the line prematurely, one sound signal will be made. It is the responsibility of a premature starter to return and start correctly. If not a 20% Scoring Penalty will apply. ( RRS Rule, Scoring Penalty 44.3 (c ).
  • If the Starter is unable to identify any yacht/s that were OCS,  The starter may order a general recall by making two sound signals. The race will then be started again ten minutes later than the advertised time.
  • Note: The starter will acknowledge any yacht/s that have made contact to them by radio, regarding if they were over the line or not.

Shortened Course

1.  If the S board is displayed (in the Southern Window of the clubhouse) the Race will finish on the completion of the current lap.
2.   Two sound Signals will be given to the Leading Yacht/s as they approach the Start/ Finish Line

(Note) All Competitors must then pass through the Finish Line disregarding the rounding of Mark S if that was a Mark in the Existing Course

Change of Course

  1. If for any reason the starter wishes to change the Course for the next lap, 2 Sound signals will be given to the Leading Yacht/s as they approach the Start/Finish Line. Pennant Flag C will also be displayed on the Flag Pole of the Club House.
  2. The two ensigns will be removed to allow better visibility.
  3. The new Course Letter will be displayed, and original removed.
  4. All yachts are then to complete 1 Lap of the new Course


  1. All races will finish upriver through the starting line
  2. After finishing a race, a yacht must not sail back through the finishing line otherwise a yacht may be disqualified.

In the event of retirement, the starter is to be notified as soon as possible, either on VHF 77 or in person.

Any race ties will be shared points, eg. Third Place equals 3 points each boat.

Handicaps will be at the Sailing Committee’s discretion

Time Limits
Unless stated differently on the Programme, finishing times are as follows

Harbour Races
The leading yacht must finish by 5.30pm. Any entrants not finished by 7.00pm will be deemed retired.

Long Distance Races
The leading yacht must finish by 7.00pm. Any entrant not finished by 9.00pm will be deemed retired.

Twilight Races
The Starter will try to set a course for the fastest boat to finish close to 60 minutes. Any entrant not finished within 60 minutes after this will be deemed retired. 

1.  All Protests, accompanied by a protest fee of $10.00 must be lodged at the HYC on the appropriate form within 24 hours of the completion of the race
2. A red flag must be displayed by a yacht that is considering protesting another yacht, or yachts. This is to be seen by the starter upon completion of that yacht’s race.

The radio frequency used for all HYC events is VHF channel 77.
All entrants are requested to have their radios turned on during a race in case contact needs to be made between the starter and entrants.
All entrants are requested to give a radio check before any Long Distance race for the safety of all participants. Failing to do so will not give any grounds for Protest.


Harbour Pennant
The Harbour Pennant will be a 5 Race Series with 4 races to count.
Autumn Harbour Series will be a 5 Race Series with 4 Races to count

Long Distance Pennant
The Long Distance Pennant will be a 5 Race Series with 4 races to count

Twilight Pennant
The Twilight Pennant will be 1 race drop from the total of

Series  1 & 2 

Series 1 will consist of all twilight races Pre Christmas. All races to count

Series 2 will consist of all twilight races Post Christmas. All races to count

Series 3 will consist of all twilight races Post Series 2. All races to count

Fred McLaren Series
3 of the 4 races to count. Cannot drop race 4

Pennant Points
The overall Pennant Winners will be calculated using the Low Point Scoring System.

Where 1st Place = 1 Point, 2nd = 2 Points, 3rd =3 Points etc

The Overall Winner of a Pennant is the Yacht with the least amount of Points after their worst score is dropped 

Line Honours Trophy
Not all races on the HYC Programme will count for the Overall Line Honours Trophy.  Races to be included are all Pennant Races, both Harbour and Long Distance, plus all Fred McLaren Races (excludes all pursuit races).