Athol Walter Memorial Slipway

Shipwrights Point, Port Huon

Available for use by all financial Huon Yacht Club members

To book

Call John Mann on 0497 050 137

Please have details of your vessel’s draft, keel configuration, and beam.  For larger boats we also need to know the displacement.

Slipway Fees:

Haul Out $100
Daily Rate $20
NEW Pressure washer hire $20

Pressure Washer

Pressure Washer in use

Payment may be made by cash, cheque, or direct debit.

Included in the price is electricity, water, the use of trestles and planks.

Many power boats will take advantage of our blocking on the cradle. It raises the vessel by some 300 mm (makes it easier to work on). Click on thumbnails below. This is also included in the price.

Slipway  080_a          Slipway 081_a

Slipway area is fenced off securely with lockable gates. Keeps the riff raff out! You will have a key.