Athol Walter Memorial Slipway

Shipwrights Point, Port Huon

The slip is available for use by all Full Adult and Family current financial Huon Yacht Club members at owner’s risk. Please note the club’s terms and conditions for using the slip. 

Please consider that the Slipping Team are all HYC Member Volunteers.

The slip is not available to social members.

To make a booking click here . Please have details of your vessel’s draft, keel configuration, and beam.  For larger boats we also need to know the displacement. The booking process is now fully online. However should you have difficulty with a booking or a question not answered below, call Stuart Mears on 0447642674

Slipway Fees:  

  • Haul out & return $150 
  • $30 per day for the first 5 days
  • $35 per day after 5 days
  • Blocking (for motor vessels) $50
  • High pressure washer $25 multi-day use
  • Sander/Polisher $100 multi-day use plus consumables for anti-fouling work; discs are $4 each
  • Sander/Polisher $50 multi-day use plus consumables for topsides and decks
  • Environmental $50

Pressure Washer     Pressure Washer in use


PaymPayment is best made via direct credit to the HYC bank account. BSB and account number will be on the invoice. Included in the price is electricity, water, the use of trestles and planks.

Please return equipment to the condition you found it and kindly take ALL of your rubbish with you as we have no collection facilities. Rubbish left on site will incur a fee if the slipway team has to remove it.

If you made use of the vacuum sander, please empty the vacuum bag into the red bin provided.

Slipway  080_a


The slipway area is fenced off securely with lockable gates.  You will have a customer key.


Handy Hints – how to slip your boat safely with minimal fuss

Approaching from the south (Hospital Bay) there are no obstacles. However skippers approaching the slipway precinct from the north (Franklin direction) need to keep the red buoy to starboard (most of us have ‘discovered’ the nasty shoal inside the buoy).


You’ll need four strong ropes prepared & ready beforehand; one for each arm of the cradle.

For a yacht, attach your forward ropes first to the mast (round turn and 2 half hitches), take a turn around the cradle arm and secure back to the mast.

Generally, for yachts circa 30′, the mast should line up with the forward arms of the cradle. Please do not secure your lines with self-tailers, they can let go.

If your ropes are too long, you will be forever and a day sorting the tangles. Experienced skippers have dedicated ropes of the correct length. 

If your boat is a motor vessel, you’ll need four strong anchor points installed (cleats with backing plates) that roughly line-up  with the four arms of the cradle.

If you need blocking to better access the hull (raising the hull by 300mm), please notify the duty slip master in advance.

Some skippers like to use ratchet straps. We don’t recommend ratchet straps however the security of your vessel is your responsibility, so it’s your call.

With your approach, you may need to allow for wind and a tidal set which if its running, will normally be from the west (from the fish farm wharf).


Really short (deep), bulb, or winged keeled boats will need their own slings. Talk to the duty slip master.

Femme Fatale


Adjust the four lines until the boat is positioned on the center line of the cradle.

Shut down the motor. We will assist with the gang plank and away we go!