Existing members

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New Membership Introduction

The Huon Yacht Club is an active club with a strong and healthy membership. We welcome new members interested in boating activities across any genre, with yachts and motorboat owners, and crew persons together with their family and friends being the most common.

We have Full Single Adult, Family and Junior Memberships available as well as Single and Family Social memberships.

The Huon Yacht Club Inc is an affiliated Australian Sailing club

Membership Fees

Membership fees include an Australian Sailing Number for each member.  This is in line with all the other Clubs that are affiliated with Australian Sailing and Yachting Tasmania.

         Full Memberships
  • Full Adult Sailing/Boating (Single Over 18yrs) @ $95.00
  • Full Family Sailing/Boating – (Parents+Children Under 18yrs) @ $145.00
       Junior Membership
  • Junior Sailing (J24 Crew Under $8) @ $45.00
        Social Memberships
  • Social Single Member (Adult) @ $60.00
  • Social Family Member (Parents + Children under 18yrs ) @ $120.00

The Australian Sailing Number entitles members to on the water insurance, insurance while travelling to and from boats or the club, and Slipway, and online use of Australian

Access to Sailing services including the International Rules of Racing Blue Book, training, course enrolment and a range of shopping and service discounts. For more information go to .

Membership Appliction – Online Form

We use an online Google Form to caputre application information. 

if you already have an Aust Sailing Number please advise and we can link to your existing record. (People can belong to multiple club with one AS number.

New Members     

The appliaction is in 3 short sections

  1. personal details and emergency contact infornation
  2. vessel infornation for boat owners
  3. Acknowlodegments.

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If you really hate online forms use this.  membership_application_form

Existing members

to renew your membership and/or simply update details click here  

Sailing Activities

Club races commence  in early October (after the open day normally held in September) and continue through to early April.

Saturday is our usual race day for Harbour Courses and Long Distance Pennant races. We combine with Port Cygnet Sailing Club for the four Race,   Mc Laren series.

Twilight races commence in either October or November on Thursday evenings and continue until late March.

The Club hosts post race barbecues following all Twilight Races and at least two Harbour Races each month. These are very well attended by crews, families, and friends. 

Pennant/ Race Fees

Harbour Pennant (2 Races)                    $ 5.00

Long Distance Pennant (5 Races)        $10.00

Autumn Harbour Series (2 Races)       $  5.00

Twilight Pennants         (15 Races)        $15.00

Single Race Entry                                        $4.00

All race fees are due prior to the first race of the season.  They are contained in the Membership form below to be paid with your new or renewed membership.

Social actvites

The club holds regular monthy social events as well as meeting at the club afer race meetings on Saturday and Thurdays.


All those taking part in HYC races conducted by the club, or on behalf of another body, do so at their own risk and responsibility. The HYC is not responsible for the seaworthiness of a yacht, whose entry is accepted, or the sufficiency or adequacy of its equipment. The HYC reserves the right to refuse an entry. Attention is drawn to RRS Fundamental Rule 4, which states, “The responsibility for a boat’s decision to participate in a race or to continue racing is hers alone.”

Club Meetings

All Meetings will be held in the clubhouse on the 1st Tuesday of each Month starting at 7-7.30pm as per meeting notices issued by email.

(Please note that the meetings are at 7:00pm during winter ).